Welcome to the very first post of my Body Energetix Blog! I’m really excited to be writing this and am visualizing you reading this now.

I’m wondering what will land & expand your consciousness to view yourself & your body in new, constructive ways!

Are you ready? Ok, first of all, I have to say I remember the very first time I heard beliefs referred to as “constructive” and “destructive.” It was so helpful for me to release judgment about my limitations.

You know the feeling. When you’re working on yourself because you know you have to turn a ship around, you look back like, “OMG, WHY did I do that, that and that?”

Viewing decisions & beliefs as either constructing or destructing my life helped me make necessary changes!

Let me know if that helps you too!

You may have read on my homepage, “Habits are simply the action of thoughts & feelings.⁣ Healthy habits are hard to create because they require new thoughts & feelings.⁣ Unhealthy habits are easy to maintain because they’re quick fixes to changing a bad day, defeating thoughts, or disempowering feelings.”

I want to expand on that further today to help you release the ties you have to the past when trying to make or stick with healthy habits!

Think for a moment about all the thoughts you have when you talk yourself out of a habit or shame and guilt yourself when you act on an unhealthy habit.

You might think

I don’t have time.
I exercise three days this week. I don’t need to exercise today.
I’ve been really good. I can afford to eat this.


How could you do that again?
This is just like the last time!
You’re always going to be the person trying to lose weight.

(By the way, these have all been my thoughts!)

The thoughts & feelings we have in resistance to healthy habits or shame & guilt to unhealthy habits are two things:

They are the energetic force keeping your body subatomically constructed precisely the way it is now, AND


Fragments of YOU living in alternate realities but animating your now body.

That’s a bender, I know.

But you see, the more I’ve learned about energy, I realized who we are now is often not even running the show.

Each one of the thoughts that prevent us from taking care of our body or shames us after we slip up in our self-care is a mental-emotional identity in our consciousness, our mind, that is alive.

It’s living in your body, keeping your body parts & functions in resonance with its thoughts & feelings.

THIS IS WHY IT’S SO HARD TO CHANGE our diet, exercise regularly & nurture our bodies. It’s almost like, in a way, we aren’t here in it.

And it makes sense, right? Are you thinking back to all the times you didn’t do the healthy habit or did the unhealthy habit and then had memories of the same roll through your head?

We are unconsciously living a copy of a copy of a copy of who we were when the destructive belief system was created!

That’s why the energy is so strong. It’s been compounding over years or even decades. It’s reinforced through your actions and your physicality.

Here’s what you can do. Grab a piece of paper, don’t type. Instead, EXPEL this energy through your handwriting.

  1. Fold the page thirds lengthwise
  2. Label the first column “Habit”
  3. Label the second “Destructive Belief”
  4. Label the third “Stations of Consciousness”
  5. List all the healthy habits you want to do & all the unhealthy habits you haven’t broken yet
  6. Write all the destructive beliefs, thoughts & feelings you have when not doing or after doing healthy & unhealthy habits
  7. Write all the memories that match

There you will have all the time-space realities parts of you have fragmented off! So you need to bring those parts of you back, and instead of being in a state of disarray, a state of peace.

You have to make peace with the person, place, or thing that happened that caused you to think destructively. And most importantly, you have to come to peace with yourself.

Meditate, listen to uplifting music, clean your room, and/or go through the grieving process for any harm done to you in those memories you first journaled!

You can do this.

And, next week I’m having a special workshop to help you bring your parts back!

It’s on Saturday, August 6 at 9 am pacific time.

We’re diving deep into energy to help you find missing parts, process their feelings & integrate new at peace mental-emotional states into your current being so you can keep up with healthy habits and let go of the unhealthy habits! Here’s the link to purchase. It’s $55, and the replay will be available!

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